Photo, music, video, and document organizer

Consolidate your hard drives, deduplicate your files, share your photos, stream your music and videos, and manage all of your documents, safely and privately with no monthly fees!


Photo Organizer

Filegear organizes photos by sorting them into timelines, albums, locations, landmarks, tags, devices, features, and more. Automatically deduplicate extra copies, while also managing backups.


Stream Music

Stream music on the go. Experience your music like never before from your own collection at maximum bitrates, and no monthly fees.

Your Personal Cloud Drive

Cloud drives offered us a new way to manage files - online, accessible to any device, and conveniently shareable. But for these benefits we give up ownership and control, not to mention a lot of "bucks" in subscription fees.

Filegear delivers a true cloud experience, without giving up your privacy and security.

Filegear is a device that creates a personal cloud drive directly from your home or office. Access your files from anywhere and share with whomever you'd like.

Use the storage you already have, to create a giant cloud drive simply by plugging in your external hard drives into Filegear.

Offload all your files to Filegear, and reclaim valuable space on all your devices.

Automatic Organization

When all your drives are connected on Filegear, you will never have to dig through complicated folder structures. Using artificial intelligence, Filegear will recognize and tag descriptive words to items in your photos. 

If you're looking for those New Year's celebration photos you can do a search for "fireworks". Want to find that long exposure photo? Filegear also extracts information such as camera type, aperture, shutter speed, date, time, and location info so you can find what you want by just using search terms.

Share Files and Photos

Easily create links to share with friends. Add email to invite others to shared folders or files.

Keep full control of your files with built-in access control and security. Set passwords or link expiration dates. Easily share from the mobile app or web interface.

Send files large and small without messing with an FTP client or third party service. Use the native mobile app to easily post to social media.

How It Works

Easily host a cloud drive on your own home network
Plug your drives into Filegear

Easy to set up in your home. Just plug in power, ethernet (or WiFi), and an external hard drive or two.

Files are automatically imported and organized

Your files are categorized by type (files, photos, music, videos) and photos can be tagged so they are searchable.

Access your files from anywhere

With your Filegear personal cloud, you can download, share, or view your files from the web or native mobile app.

Stop paying monthly fees!

Move your data to Filegear, the personal cloud device for your home. Stop paying monthly fees to cloud service providers who have your data sitting on shared servers. Don't let cloud services hold your files hostage by changing service plans and forcing upgrades.

A deal that's too good to be true, well, it usually is! Cloud service providers lure you in with free options, then when you're hooked, they come back with increased fees, changing service plans, and yes, eliminating the "free". Just look at Flickr (free is just 1,000 files now), Amazon (no more unlimited storage), and DropBox (a measly 2GB free). That's it? Forget the freebees! Know what you pay for. Get what you pay for, and more with Filegear!

Keep your life's work safe and automatically organized on Filegear. Safe from the prying eyes of unscrupulous data center employees, safe from hackers, safe from hard drive failures, safe from services shutting down (we're looking at you Google Picasa, Dropbox Carousel, and Flickr).

Have all the benefits of a cloud service without your personal data mined for advertisers. Share files and photos easily. Get mobile access and file syncing and full control of all your data with Filegear.

Stop paying hundreds of dollars a year for only 1TB of cloud storage. With Filegear, you'll pay no monthly fees, keep all the features you love, and have complete control over all your files.

For Creators

You generate the content. Filegear manages it. Automatically.

Filegear One Plus
  • Find things easily

    Plug in all your drives, new and old. Filegear will import old files and can automatically remove any duplicate copies to give you more space.

  • 10x your phone storage

    Offload all your photos to Filegear with the iPhone or Android app. Keep all your photos on Filegear instead of your phone.

  • Get more, pay less

    Never worry about fixed storage limits or pricey subscription fees. Simply plug in another drive if you need more space.

  • Secure

    Built-in local firewall where all network traffic is encrypted using the latest TLS encryption algorithms and recommended ciphers. SSL certificates are issued by LetsEncrypt for each device.