New Local Relay Servers

We are hard at work at Filegear trying to improve our experience for our broad international audience. We have received several requests to improve the remote access speeds for non US users. We value our user feedback and have just released a feature that will help get your Filegear device operating at the speeds its meant to be at. 

Filegear Firmware version 1.4

We are constantly improving Filegear in response to your feedback, adding new features, and polishing our existing functionality. There's a lot packed into this release, and we're excited to tell you about each one.

What's New

  • New: Drives View
  • New: Regional Relay Servers
  • New: Port Forwarding
  • New: Global "SMB Shares" view
  • New: Global "Shared Links" view
  • New: Real Delete
  • New: Offline Authentication
  • New: Support Multiple File Shares
  • New: Support Multiple Users per File Share
  • Improved SMB Sharing
  • Improved "Add Network Drive" Feature
  • Improved Search
  • Improved Storage Manager Controls

New: Drives View

This is by far the biggest change in this release. We're introducing a new "Drives View" which enables you to see, access, and interact with the physical files and folders on your drives and network shares.

The drives view is useful for directly accessing files without waiting for the more advanced indexing option to complete. In some cases, the drive view may be all you need, since it offers browsing, editing, sharing, and exporting. However, advanced search and organization features are only available with the old "File Share" feature.

The drives view is visible only to administrators / owners of the device. Normal users can only interact with the File Shares assigned to their account.

New: Regional Relay Servers

Previously we had one relay server to enable remote access to Filegear devices. This resulted in some users especially outside the United States to experience high latency and in some cases unreliable connections. We've now added 3 additional relay servers to provide better experience for users around the world. Here's the current list:

  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Singapore
  • United States

You'll need to manually select the closest relay server to your location from the Settings / Remote Options page.

Note: Shared links that you previously sent to users will need to be re-sent to reflect the new public address of your device.

New: Port Forwarding

There's now an option to use a custom URL. This option allows you to use your own domain name. You will need to configure your DNS server to point to your router's public IP address. You'll also need to create a port-forwarding rule in your router to forward traffic to your Filegear device.

New: Global "SMB Shares" view

The global "SMB Shares" view allows you to see all SMB shares that have been created on your Filegear device, and to control settings about each share. This is particularly useful since we now allow you to create an SMB share from any physical or logical folder.

New: Global "Shared Links" view

The global "Shared Links" view allows you to see all of the shared links that you have created across all of your logical File Shares and physical drives and folders. You can edit the permissions for each shared link, or remove them from this view.

New: Real Delete

Some of you have noticed that when you "Delete Permanent" from Filegear, that the files are actually not physically removed. In this release, we will now remove physical files that no longer have any references to them when you delete permanent. There's a new option under Settings / Storage that specifies whether to remove the files permanently, or whether to keep them under {drive}/Filegear/Trash where you can review and delete them manually in the Drives View.

New: Offline Authentication / Local Users

Filegear now supports logging into the device directly even if the cloud service is unreachable. All you'll need to do is to remember the IP address or public address to connect and log in. If you previously logged in through the cloud service, your user credentials will be cached on the local device. You can also create pure-local accounts under Settings / Users.

New: Support Multiple File Shares

Filegear now supports creating multiple File Shares. For example, you can create a "Family" file share that all members of the family can access. You can switch between different file shares by using the File Share selector in the bottom left of the page. You can create new File shares by going to the Settings / File Shares page.

New: Support Multiple Users per File Share

You can now add multiple users to the same File Share. That means you can share the same view of files with all users that are connected to that File Share. Remember to change the default File Share in the Settings / Users page so that it will show up by default in the mobile apps.

Improved SMB Sharing

You can now create an SMB share from any folder or drive (eg. so your desktops and set-top boxes can connect to your FIlegear). Just right-click on the folder and select "Create SMB Share".

Improved "Add Network Drive" Feature

The experience for adding a network drive has been greatly improved (eg. to connect your NAS devices and PCs to Filegear for additional storage). We now support automatic share discovery (eg. scans your network for your available network shares), NetBIOS lookups, and better authentication and error handling.

Improved Search

The search interface has been moved from a global search page to a app-specific page. So you can now search across your Photos, Music, Videos, or all of your Files. New hot-buttons in the help page enable toggling the auto-search bubbles.

Improved Storage Manager Controls

The Settings / Storage page now has new settings for controlling the storage manager. Some of you have experienced excessive scanning of your drives, and this was due to the storage manager running every night. You now have an option to run the storage manager once per day, once per week, or manually.

More Information

The User Guide has been updated with additional details on all the new features. You can visit the guide by following this link.


This release contains many new features and improvements in response to your requests. We hope you enjoy the new features. As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please contact us at


The Filegear Team

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