Firmware Release - Version 1.3

Firmware Release - Version 1.3


Filegear is a smart personal cloud device that automatically organizes your photos, music, videos and documents. Browse and search your files according to time, location, landmarks, features, tags, albums, artists, and more. Filegear's built-in media players let you stream your music and videos to any device. Use the storage you already have, and eliminate never-ending subscription fees. Your files are kept safely and privately at home.

The Filegear Firmware is installed on the Filegear device. The Filegear Firmware is the internal software on the Filegear device that creates the Filegear Personal Cloud experience.


New in this Release

This version of the Filegear Firmware software includes the following improvements:

  1. New on-boarding experience with "Filegear Setup"
  2. New "Find Files" dialog for importing, copying and moving files from drives.
  3. New "Import Settings" page for specifying which files to import.

This firmware update will be rolled out and automatically installed on every Filegear device. To check the version of the Filegear Firmware installed on your device, please go to the Device dashboard at Then click on the "down arrow" next to your device title to see details. The firmware version will be listed there.

The release has been published today (February 17, 2019) and will automatically be installed on all devices within 48 hours.

If you have any questions about this release or the new features and improvements, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Note: All users will be asked to accept the Filegear terms and conditions on their next login.


New "Filegear Setup" Feature

During our recent survey, one thing many of you commented on was that we needed a better on-boarding experience when setting up a new Filegear device. We took your feedback to heart and created the new "Filegear Setup" experience included in this release. We've also hooked up the "New Drive" event to the same experience to create consistency and simplicity.

Now when connecting to a new Filegear device, you will be presented the following screens.

First, you will be asked to accept the Filegear terms of service. This only happens once any time we update our terms.

Next, you will be presented with the set of drives that can be added to Filegear Storage:

Add Drives to Filegear Storage

Then, you can select the kinds of files to import from your drives:

Select Files to Import

Finally, you are presented with several tips and links to help get you started:

Importing Files dialog

Once the import process is started, the import occurs in the background and you can immediately begin to use the Filegear experience.


Q: Do I need to setup my Filegear again?

A: No, Filegear will remember all of your previous settings from before this update. So if you already have things set up, you will only see the "Terms of Service" page.


Q: How long will importing take?

A: The import time depends a lot on the kinds of files you have, and the speed of your disks. A good rule of thumb is about 1 file per second. So that means around 80,000 files per day.


Q: Did you change how imports happen?

A: Yes. Based on feedback from users, we determined that our old process of 3-pass importing was confusing. With this release, the import is done in one pass. That means each file takes a bit longer to appear, but when it's done, it's done.


Q: Will files appear twice if I import again?

A: No, Filegear checks to see if the file was already imported before trying to import again. So you can run this import experience multiple times without getting extra files.


New "Find Files" Dialog


When importing, copying and moving files from drives, we used to show a simple popup confirmation dialog asking "are you sure". We've improved this experience by scanning for all files under the selected drive or folder, and giving you a chance to choose which kinds of files to act on.

New "Find Files" dialog

New "Import Settings" Page

You can control default settings for which kinds of files to import, as well as have fine-grained control over which file extensions to include and/or exclude and the minimum size of files to import, copy or move. Just go to the "Import" page under Settings to adjust these options:


Import Settings page

Instructions for how to use these options are included in the updated Filegear User Guide.




We appreciate the time many of you took to provide your feedback during our last survey. We're proud to be able to to take your feedback seriously and turn it into new features and improvements.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions regarding this release. As always, please contact us at if you have any questions.

The Filegear Team


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