Filegear Mobile Apps

Filegear's mobile apps provide a rich experiencing for accessing your files on your Filegear device, and for uploading content from your mobile devices to Filegear, freeing up valuable space and enabling rich sharing features only available on Filegear.

Filegear Mobile Interface - 1  Filegear Mobile Interface - 2    Filegear Mobile Interface - 4  Filegear Mobile Interface - 5

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Filegear Desktop Apps

The Filegear desktop apps will enable you to connect your Filegear device to a local folder on your Mac, Windows or Linux systems. The Filegear desktop app will expose not only the folder view, but also the photo collections, music collections and video collections so searching for your favorite photos by location, or playing your favorite albums by an artist is done seamlessly through the desktop application.

Editing Photos with Lightroom

The Filegear Desktop for macOS is now available here:

Filegear Utility Download - macOS
Filegear Desktop App (macOS) version 1.7
Filegear Utility Download - Windows Coming soon...


Filegear Web App

The Filegear web application is built into every Filegear device. All you need is a modern browser to access the rich features of Filegear. A complete personal cloud experience awaits you when you set up your Filegear device at home. You can start your experience by navigating to

Filegear Web App 

Filegear Utility

The Filegear Utility is used to manage Filegear devices such as updating the device firmware, performing a factory reset, and resolving connectivity issues.

Filegear Utility - Find DevicesFilegear Utility - Device DetailsFilegear Utility - Run DiagnosticsFilegear Utility - Update SoftwareFilegear Utility - Factory ResetFilegear Utility - Settings

 Filegear Utility Download - Windows  Filegear Utility Download - macOS  Filegear Utility Download - iOS