Share files

Transfer files and share folders to friends and family.

Easily Share Files

• Send files of any size with only a few clicks.

• No need to wait for large uploads since the file is already on your personal cloud.

• Ensure security with built-in permsisions settings.

Share files large and small

Don’t don’t utilize questionable file sharing sites or pay monthly fees just to send files. With Filegear, you can transfer files of any size just by sending a link or adding an email address to the file or folder you intend to share. Since your Filegear personal cloud device is already hosting your files, you don’t to waste time waiting for uploads to finish.

Security features

When sharing links, you can easily set expiration dates on shared links, or add a password for extra security. While other cloud services charge extra for these features, Filegear has it all built-in and ready right out of the box.