Automatically Organize Your Files with Filegear

Find what you need, quickly and easily.

Streamline your workflow

• Take your scattered drives and files and consolidate them automatically on Filegear. 

• Quickly browse your photos by tags, locations, albums.

• Stream music or play videos with the built in player. 

• Never have to worry about your folder structure again. Just drag everything into Filegear.


Do you have multiple hard drives with important files, but just haven’t had time to organize them? Plug the drives into Filegear and have them always accessible as a networked drive. Have SD cards that are full of photos that you are not sure if you’ve backed up or not? Drag them all into Filegear and automatically remove the duplicate files. Need backup copies of your files? Set Filegear to create automatic copies. They will be replicated and spread across different drives so that you will always have a copy in case one drive fails. Filegear is the home for your files.

Easily Browse

Files, photos, music, and video files are given their own tabs to make browsing simple. No need to worry about folder or directory structures, just import your files from existing drives or drag and drop them into your Filegear account. Easily filter files based on tags, or other metadata such as a the location a photo was taken at. Built-in viewers allow you to view or play common file types such as JPGs, RAW photos, and MP3s.

Advanced Filtering

Browse easily by tags, file types, locations, and dates. Search using broad or specific search terms and further narrow the results by adding technical metadata such as shutter speeds (for finding those long exposures), or  look for photos taken with your favorite potrait lens by filtering for the focal length.