Personal cloud

Use the storage you already have. No monthly fees.

Turn you drives into network drives

• Easy remote access to your files. 

• Automatically import files from existing drives, or drag and drop files from your computer or SD cards.

• Free up space on your mobile phone by automatically syncing your phone’s photos to Filegear.

• No monthly fees.

Access your files from anywhere

Plug new or existing hard drives into Filegear to instantly create a network accessible drive. Just power up Filegear with network cable and external drive, and our patent pending software takes care of the rest. No need to open up ports on your router, or install complicated remote access software. Easily transfer files from anywhere by logging into the web interface dragging and dropping files into Filegear. With the mobile app (iPhone, Android coming soon) you can automatically upload photos to Filegear, saving tons of space.

Increase your storage

Running low on storage? Simply plug in additional drives into Filegear. It doesn’t matter the file system. It can be FAT32, NTFS (Windows), Journaled (macOS), or EXFAT (Linux). To expand your storage, just plug in additional drives as you need them. Even more space can be recovered from your drive when the automatic deduplication option is selected.


The device is secured by end-to-end encryption, authentication and authorization. The device includes a local firewall and is hardened and locked down. Every single network request is independently authenticated and authorized to prevent any unwanted access. All network traffic is encrypted using the latest TLS encryption algorithms and recommended ciphers and certificates issued by LetsEncrypt for each device. You also have the option to replicate your files and distribute them across multiple drives for redundancy.

No Monthly Fees

Since you host your own files, there are no monthly fees. The cost of a Filegear One Plus and a 10 TB hard drive is less than the cost of a year of Google Drive.

If you need more storage, simply add an additonal hard drive. Choose the exact size you need and your budget will allow. Donʼt pay extra for cloud storage you wonʼt utilize.